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Trout Fly - Red and Black Matuka
Trout Fly - Bloody Butcher
Trout Flies - Black and Peacock Fuzzy Wuzzy

Beginners ...

can start to catch good trout much sooner by sharing my infinitely simpler approach to fly fishing.

Rather than studying potentially thousands of insects and the flies imitating them, I've found I need only a few patterns, each designed to do a job in the different circumstances encountered on the water.

The takes are induced by the use of food 'Recognition Keys,' rather than imitation.

These Trout Fishing results are simply unbelievable!


Rainbow Trout fishing

Rainbow Trout

Brown Trout fishing

Brown Trout

Experienced Anglers ...

are given an opportunity to achieve a new level of understanding of trout and their not-so-obvious relationship between their diet items and their imitations.

See and experience how this greater understanding can be used to catch dramatically more Trout and be able to target larger Trout.


trout fly

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trout fly fishing

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lake fly fishing Understand how this approach can supersede traditional Fly Fishing Techniques.

trout fishing Appreciate how the thought patterns and knowledge base can dramatically improve Your Trout Fishing results.

fly tying techniques Gain Valuable insight into how Trout behavioural patterns vary significantly between species, size and circumstances - and how to use them to advantage.

trout fishing tactics See how to target Trophy size Trout.

fly fishing advice Witness the type of angling results this variation to traditional understanding and approach has already provided the author.

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Fly Fishing for Trout Alaska


If you would like to take advantage of my revealing and revolutionary approach to fly fishing, You can order this 'Must-Have' Fly Fishing E-Book:

Fly Fishing For Trout Canada

'Fly Fishing for Trout - a Quiet Revolution'

Fly Fishing For Trophy Trout

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