Fly Fishing For Trout with Wayne Smith


Thank you very much for your interest and I congratulate you on your decision to increase your knowledge of Fly Fishing For Trout.

I appreciate the fact that you may be relatively new to the sport or that you may have been casting for 20 years or more. Either way, you will certainly reap the rewards that come from looking to improve your understanding of this great sport.

Unfortunately, I'm still putting the finishing touches on 'Fly Fishing for Trout - A Quiet Revolution', so it's not quite ready for release yet. I've had so many people wanting this material, so I'm working as fast as I can.

But don't despair, it's just around the corner and I've put other projects on hold in order to get this book ready for you asap. Not to mention the fishing trips I'd normally be enjoying myself, LOL! Still, that just means the fish will be that bit bigger before I have them over for dinner!

If you haven't already, I recommend you sign up to receive the FREE Ebook for now, and I'll let you know by email when the Big One is ready. (You might get inspired by some of my catch pics that I've included).

Of course, when I say "Big One," I'm not talking about 300 pages of basic stuff you have to 'wade' through to find the important keys to catching lots of big Trout. You don't need me to teach you that the skinny end of the rod points towards the water.

No, 'Fly Fishing For Trout - A Quiet Revolution' is just the information you need, to increase your catch quality and quantity. And when you've read it, please, 'drop me a line' to let me know how much it helped you. I'll be posting testimonials as soon as they start coming in.


Speak to you again soon,

Wayne Smith

'Fly Fishing For Trout - A Quiet Revolution'

And when you get the FREE Ebook above, let me know what you think!


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